Monday, January 03, 2005

Welcome to the wonderful world of asthma

Kevin doesn't technically have asthma yet, but he does have "reactive airway" induced by a virus, which is diagnosed as "bronchiolitis." Once he has an airway response to something else such as an allergen or other environmental factor, then they'll label him an asthmatic.

We found this out this morning when I took him to the doctor after he threw up(*) from so much coughing at breakfast. He is the proud new owner of his very own nebulizer! He gets to inhale albuterol and steroids on a regular basis and we get to be on the lookout for further respiratory problems.

When we went to Guatemala to bring Kevin home, he was having the same type of reaction and we took him to a doctor down there because he sounded like he had so much chest congestion. Andy and I are both prone to lung infections, so we were concerned about waiting until we got home to try to make an appointment for a new patient.

(*) Note: I won't give a full-blown account of this morning's vomit session. I'll merely mention that I am in the clear lead over Andy now. Also, I did find out that I don't always throw up when someone else does in my presence. However, I'm likely to come close upon cleaning up after such an event.

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