Monday, January 24, 2005

I really don't have a "to do" list for this, honest

  • Reduce Kevin's fear of water/bathing.... Check!
  • Reduce Kevin's fear of blankets.... In process

I have a picture from our trip to Guatemala in which Kevin is sleeping in the bed with the covers up to his chin. Looking back on it I'm shocked! I can only guess that he was just so exhausted that he didn't have a chance to realize that he was covered. As it now stands, Kevin is afraid to have blankets on him. Even a light one draped over a single foot is enough to invoke "the face of fear" complete with whimpering sound effects.

We've made progress, though... there is actually a blanket on Kevin's bed now and we put it there before he fell asleep. Last night he even hugged it as he fell asleep. I think this leap has occurred because we've been playing with blankets as toys for some time and he's recently taken to hiding himself under a blanket when he's not laying down and thrashing around in it (this causes many giggles, in fact.)

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