Monday, January 31, 2005

The Making Of A Chevy Chase Movie

The Setting: My dear Grandmother's viewing and funeral. Enter mourning family members, friends and coworkers greeting one another, hugging and crying. Six rows of folding chairs span the room width-wise and two rows face in on either side of the room. Also enter two cousins age 4 (Julia) and almost 3 years old (Kevin.)

The Action, Part I: Julia runs to Kevin, arms outstretched, and grabs him around the waist, tackling him to the ground. Kevin screams with delight holding Julia with both arms and the two roll around on the floor knocking chairs over.

The Action, Part II: Kevin runs through the back door of the room with Julia in pursuit and they head toward the front of the room, arms flailing. Kevin slows down, Julia crashes into him and they are, once again, rolling around on the floor together laughing loudly, this time a mere 2 feet from knocking into the table where Grandma's body lays in the casket.

The Denouement: Various relatives attempt to ease Kevin's mother's guilt by saying, "You know, the children helped lighten the mood."

Yes, that's exactly what should be done at a funeral. Every funeral should have some wrestling kids for entertainment.

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