Friday, January 21, 2005

Conversation heard at our house this morning

Me (walking into living room): Kevin, come here... see what's on TV? It's Sesame Street.

Kevin (following): Big Bird!

Me (leaving room): Yes, Big Bird. Why don't you sit here and watch TV for a little bit.

Kevin (following): No.

Me: Please, just watch Big Bird for a little while. You'll see Elmo and Grover, too.

Kevin: No.

Me (walking back into bathroom to finish getting dressed): Are you sure?

Kevin (following): Sure.

Me (walking back toward living room and pointing to the TV): Look, don't you want to watch?

Kevin (following, staring at TV)....

Me (walking out of living room)...

Kevin (following) No.

Someday I will wish he doesn't want to watch TV but for today, it would be nice if he'd sit there by himself for a little while.

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